We are a Market Research & Consulting firm. Our custom-designed immersive sessions spark shared connections, uncover consumers’ underlying needs and insights, and foster greater understanding. 


The result:
rich, multi-dimensional analysis that companies can act on.


We are passionate about delivering qualitative research solutions and ideation sessions, which help our clients provide products and services that genuinely meet and exceed customers’ needs.



Our collaborative methodology and visually engaging techniques spark new connections, generate a richer knowledge base, and bring data to life. With us, you will be a traveler, not a tourist. A leader, not a follower. 


We welcome our clients as full partners to support and challenge, build shared learnings, and empower. 


We know how to translate comprehensive findings into practical, actionable insights that our clients can readily implement.


MOLA’s methodology is designed to explore and uncover meaningful consumer insights. Our approach is rooted in clients’ business objectives, provides vigorous qualitative learning, and fosters cohesive team dynamics. 


& Clarify


& Develop


Experience Consumers


& Report


Interactive Sharing


Through years of expertise, we have created a series of product offerings tailored to meet clients’ needs and achieve their specific learning objectives. Together we will implement a research program that balances the design, scale, and methodological complexity with the realities of your business needs, budget, and timing. 


Ser Latino™

An experiential workshop to explore and connect with Latino consumers. We use creative techniques like storytelling, graphic templates, and active listening to uncover consumers’ underlying needs, thoughts and feelings, accelerate learning, and generate actionable insights. 

MOLA Cafe™

A facilitated immersive dialogue that enables a larger team to further explore research findings. The MOLA Café™ is designed to promote creative thinking, harness group knowledge, share inspiration, and align the team around a clear action plan to implement new solutions. 

MOLA Ideation™

A creative problem solving (CPS) process that redefines the business challenge at hand, identifies areas of opportunity, develops distinct ideas to test and put into action to generate positive business impact.  Our approach utilizes divergent and convergent thinking and engages participants in an imaginative and thought-provoking manner. 

MOLA Knowledge Sharing

A workshop for diverse stakeholders to engage one another and be fully immersed in the findings and insights of the research. This forum enables all stakeholders to share and synthesize key information, and align priority areas among various business units. Not only does this process generate clear takeaways to put into action, but it also provides a strong foundation of knowledge and alignment throughout the company.

Assessment4Action (A4A)™

A  facilitated process that enables the team to navigate, synthesize and prioritize diverse information. We assess what is known, what needs to be known, and create an action plan to move forward. This process is particularly helpful in scenarios when various teams in complex organizations need to efficiently ramp up their knowledge and understanding of a new or existing brand and market category. 

Dialogue2Data (D2D)™

A facilitated consumer-client experience in a face-to-face setting that removes the “back room.” D2D generates insights that naturally translate into actionable data. This process can also be used to create a strategic foundation before or after quantitative research.


Research Types

  • Exploratory 
  • Evaluative 
  • Observational 
  • Formative 
  • Longevity 
  • Social media 
  • Usability 
  • Operations


  • In-Person: Focus groups, One-on-ones, Dyads/Triads & Ethnographies 
  • Digital: Bulletin boards, Ethnographies, Blogging, Group discussions
  • Telephony: In-depth interviews, Mobile ethnographies      
  • Group Processes: Ideations, Immersions & Excursions 
  • On-Premise: Field experiments, Exit interviews, Mystery shopping
  • Hybrid Design: Multi-faceted, varied methods 

Focus Areas

  • Category understanding & usage 
  • Needs assessment
  • Brand personification & competitive landscape
  • Laddering 
  • Strategic positioning 
  • Copy development, refinement & communication checks
  • New product development 
  • Customer service & retention 


  • Automotive 
  • Corporate Social Responsibility 
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Environment 
  • Financial & Insurance
  • Healthcare 
  • Media & Technology 
  • Nonprofit & Government
  • Retail 
  • Utilities 
  • Travel & Entertainment 


  • Aging-Seniors
  • Business to Business
  • Children, Tweens & Teens
  • Consumers & Professionals
  • Millennials
  • Multicultural


Gloria pic.png

Gloria J. Williams
Founder :: Research Designer :: Facilitator  

An expert in qualitative analysis, Gloria founded MOLA in 1997 and serves as a consultant working with both the total population and multicultural segments. Experienced in a wide range of immersive, qualitative methods, Gloria has an innate ability to put participants at ease and create an open rapport that leads to engaging, dynamic and informative discussions. Her insatiable curiosity opens the door to multi-dimensional learning and new strategic opportunities for her clients.

Gloria is particularly interested in new product idea generation and evaluation, category understanding, strategic positioning, and advertising communication, and has extensive experience in a wide range of industries. In addition to her qualitative expertise, Gloria designs and facilitates client meetings, ideations and ethnographic immersions to help her clients uncover new insights and exceed their learning objectives.  She is fully Spanish/English bilingual and bicultural. 


Lynette McCormack

Lynette is a graphic facilitator and co-founder of Ah Ha! and IdeaConnect. She creates processes, tools and training to develop, enhance and promote the art and practice of Visual Thinking, Team Learning and Facilitative Leadership in the fields of Organizational Development, Innovation and Market Research. 

Trained as a scientist and playing as an artist, Lynette designs and facilitates interactive experiences that engage the mind, immerse the heart, and connect the spirit of each participant. Possessing a dynamic facilitation style, she serves individuals and teams to clearly see the now, and identify and transcend barriers to embody the extraordinary. She offers her global clients masterful facilitation grounded in an understanding of how teams work, cross-functional team and cultural dynamics, visual thinking, and energetic and structural design. Prior to founding Ah Ha! in 1997, Lynette studied chemistry, leading to her work as an environmental chemist. After 15 years in the lab, she translated her love of data collection, analysis, synthesis and creativity to the fields of Market Research and Organizational Development at The Procter and Gamble Company.


Gerard Ender
Moderator :: Ethnographer

Gerard is a Moderator and Ethnographer with 10 years of experience in market research. His charismatic personality instantly draws consumers in and opens them up. His natural ability to study people — what they say, what they do, and how they say it — gives him an added advantage when moderating and teasing out the nuances of human behavior and motivation. 

Gerard’s first loves, acting and the theatre, serve as a strong foundation for both his people and analytical skills that he brings to market research. His notable acting career includes principal roles in 20th Century Fox’s hit Broadcast News, as Ned Beatty’s partner in Saban Entertainment’s Blind Vision, as well as leading roles in a wide array of award-winning, independent films and television credits such as HBO’s acclaimed milestone series The Wire.

Gerard earned a BA in Communications from the University of Maryland with a concentration in RTVF.  When he isn’t conducting research with consumers, Gerard enjoys producing and directing theater, creating performance videos and corporate videos in both English and Spanish.


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